Chris Dai

CEO of Recika Co.,Ltd and Unicask Co.,Ltd
Recika Co.,Ltd
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Blockchain evangelist and co-founder and CEO of two Japanese blockchain companies, Recika Co.,Ltd and UniCask Co.,Ltd. Both of companies specialize in redeemable physical asset NFTs and successful completed several NFTs sales. Chris focuses on inventing decentralized businesses in the non-financial sector utilizing blockchain technology. He is deeply attracted to decentralized model and its business, social and philosophical aspect. Advisor to Japan Blockchain Association, Committee member of the Investigation of Blockchain Utilization of Authentication Information of Japanese Positioning Satellites, and Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry Blockchain research team member. Co-authored (2019). Next Blockchain: Ecosystem for Next Generation Industries. Nikkei Business Publications and (2020). Blockchain and Crypto Currency. Springer.