Kazuhiro Mizuno

Minto Inc. CEO
Minto Inc.

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After working as a producer for Japan’s number one emoji/deco-mail service (1 million paying members) and a smartphone game (10 million DL), he established Quan Inc. in 2011. He has partnered with chat apps all over the world to provide stickers. The total number of stickers downloaded is over 4.5 billion, including Usagyuuun, Betakkuma, and Business Fish, making it the world’s largest. As for the NFT business, the Dapps “CryptoCrystal” (ore character mining app) was released in 2018 at the earliest time in Japan. (ore character mining app) in 2018. Since then, Quan has been working on the NFT of character usage rights and character art. In 2021, Quan has partnered up with The Sandbox to expand into the Metaverse, with the LAND sale sales exceeding 240 million yen in November. Quan is also in charge of producing major IPs that are popular globally. In January 2022, he became CEO of Minto Inc., founded when Quan merged with wwwap Inc.