Taichi Nakamura

Anique Inc. CEO
Anique Inc.

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Personal Information

Taichi Nakamura, CEO of Anique Inc. Taichi Nakamura founded the company Anique Inc. in 2019. Anique holds digital anime exhibitions that allow fans to enjoy amazing creations online, creates exclusive exhibition goods, and produced “Attack on Titan: Legacy,” a unique digital collectible (NFT) platform which has garnered interest from fans worldwide. Notable experience: Producer at HAKUHODO DY media partners until 2016. Developed business and marketing content for TV, magazines and the web, and handled the media planning for over 100 sponsor projects. Major works include: “Real-Life Colossal Titan Projection Mapping” event, “Attack on Titan Real Escape Game” event, “Ace of Diamond: Shout Out to Your Alma Mater” event, and “Detective Conan x Yahoo!JAPAN Bomb Incident” event.